Tree of Life Project

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival next month (23rd October to 1st November) will feature a series of environmental and tree-themed events including Tree Trails, Storytelling for a Greener World and Whispering Trees.

This emphasis continues into December in a collaboration with Creative Carbon Scotland in the run up to the World Climate Summit in Paris (COP21), when the Storytelling Centre will host a couple of events on the theme of the Tree of Life.

The Tree has roots, branches and leaves, and offers a habitat for birds, insects and animals. It symbolises the inter-relation of life and an ecology that unites humanity and nature. It is a sign of sustainability, through which we can re-green our planet through virtuous cycles of air, water and earth.

We are inviting our friends around the world to contribute stories, songs, poems, dances or other artistic responses to the Tree of Life, whether in person at the Storytelling Centre events, or digitally, which can be showcased on our Tree of Life blog.

This will be a way of sharing our collective insights to a worldwide audience and ensuring the important environmental message travels far, and especially to those in Paris.

You can find the blog at, where there is already a fascinating interview between Frieda Morrison and tree expert David Mitchell that was originally recorded for Scots Radio.

If you have any ideas or submissions for the blog or the wider project, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with