Vacancy: Part-time Administrator for SC&T

Hot on the heels of our search for new board members, SC&T are now looking for a part-time administrator. Jenny Maclean is leaving after many years of dedicated service to the organisation, initially as classes assistant and then as administrator/programmer.

They are therefore looking for someone to replace Jenny – a Herculean task – and have already advertised the post on Gumtree. However, they would like to give the opportunity to a SC&T participant, or a friend or family member, who might be interested.

The job would include some or all of the following tasks, but this would be negotiable and the board is currently reviewing the job specification for the post :- checking incoming emails and replying or forwarding to the appropriate person; answering calls to the SC&T mobile phone; checking incoming voicemail messages; updating the SC&T web site and Facebook page; preparing and distributing monthly e-news letter via Mailchimp; organising tutors for the next term; organising performance events, e.g. Highland Games; organising classroom hire through the university; attendance at the first class each term to assist with enrolments and occasionally during the term to fill in for the classroom assistant making the teas and coffees for the classes. Training will be provided where necessary.

The working hours will be 9 to 12 per week on average, at times to suit you. Most of the work can be done at home providing you have access to the internet.
A dedicated SC&T smartphone and computer will be provided. Additional hours over and above the agreed maximum may be worked by agreement in advance. Rate of pay negotiable.

If you are interested, or simply want more information, please send an email, including your telephone number to,
Alternatively please call the SC&T number, 07754 758677.