Wanted: Street Performers, Early Doors!

Scotland’s getting ready to go outdoors. Check out those flowers pushing through the snow and frost. And the growing buds. That’s called spring. And starting now is the build-up to May Day, or Beltane in Gaelic.

Traditionally, after being cooped up for the winter, we went green-wild at Beltane. Spring seemed to take forever. Then, trees blossomed, and the greenwood surged. Folk danced, sang and put on crazy street plays, with leafy branches as props.

That stuff is as old as spring itself. But it’s also as fresh as our feelings. We need to connect with the environment and get out of our worried little heads into something a bit crazier and joyful.

So, start getting ready now.

Access TRACS May Day/Beltane resources and if you’re nearby, join us for a series of free workshops at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on Wednesday evenings, starting 14 Mar, which will culminate in a procession as part of the annual May Day procession, which takes place on Sat 5 May.

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For further information or if you would like to get started with the music, contact Stan Reeves:


May Day Musicians and Mummers