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Wanted: young traditional musicians to perform at Arctic Youth Festival

For the third year young traditional musicians based in Scotland are invited to take part in UKM Arctic’s international youth festival in Finnsnes, Northern Norway, in partnership with Aberdeen International Youth Festival.

They are looking for…

Young musicians aged 15-19

Duos, trios and quartets (we want to bring 6 or 7 musicians, ideally two groups). Soloists (pipers or singers) may be considered however we have a specific set of criteria we are looking for in our line-up so being part of a group is preferable. If you’re at all unsure, please get in touch to discuss.

Any instrument may apply but we are looking for at least 1 piper and at least 1 singer. Bear in mind we want to represent a good balance of Scottish traditional music.



21st-24th April 2016

We will fly from Edinburgh (flights to be arranged)

Your flights and accommodation will be paid for

Participants will be accompanied by a leader from Aberdeen International Youth Festival

You will perform several concerts during the trip, meeting other young musicians from across Scandinavia and the Arctic (Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Iceland and Denmark), and getting a feel for life in the Arctic.


To apply…

Please write around 100-200 words telling me

– why you want to take part in the festival

– about your musical experience

– your date of birth and where you are based

– whether you are applying with a group (and who they are)


Please also send a clear recording (video or sound, video preferred) of your group playing. It’s important that you send a recording of you playing as a group rather than individually as we need to get a feel for the performance you’ll present at the festival. The more effort you put into your arrangements, the more impressed we’ll be.

(To avoid problems don’t leave sending this to the last minute as there will be inevitable technical difficulties. We’ll do our best to make allowances but the preferable way of doing this is to make a video recording on a phone or borrowing a school camera, then uploading to a private link to YouTube or Dropbox. Another good file sharing tool is Wetransfer. Please contact to discuss if you think you’ll have problems! To emphasise – where possible send video.)


Group applications – you can send your application in one as a group but make sure there is a personal statement and the details required from each of you.


Send applications by email to Please don’t send large files as attachments, use a file-sharing tool.


DEADLINE 5pm Friday 13th November


Please contact if you have any questions.


Last year over 50 people applied, so competition is fierce. Please send in a sample of you playing which really reflects your skill. Note that we are anticipating a large number of applications and decisions will be made based on (but not limited to)

– musical skill and experience of applicants

– effort put into personal statement

– size of group

– balance of instruments – although we may receive applications from 5 excellent fiddle players, my job is to form a mixed instrument band representing a breadth of Scottish music.


All decisions are final.


Find out more about the festival, UKM Arctic Art Impulse

See last year’s performers