We’re Celebrating Book Week Scotland with a Book Sale!

It’s Book Week Scotland! From the 15 – 21 November we’re joining the annual celebration of stories, books and reading, by hosting a book sale in our independent bookshop at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

Our offer?

Buy any 2 books or more and get 10% off (excluding already discounted items), as well as 20% off our staff picks.

In a reading slump or just looking to discover something new to snuggle up with, during the colder month? Check out our staff picks below and let the stories take you on a journey.

Staff Picks

‘Blood & Gold’ by Mara Menzies – After her acclaimed show of the same name premiered in 2019, Mara Menzies shows us the extent of her storytelling vision with Blood & Gold. Menzies’ book is well-versed on the intertwining nature of fantasy and history, weaving a deeply personal tale built on a brutal past some would rather stayed forgotten.

‘Treasury of Folklore: Seas & Rivers’ by Dee Dee Chainey and Willow Winsham – This well-researched dive into nautical folklore jumps from Orkney ballads on one page to African myths on the next, illuminating the tales that bind all coastal peoples. It’s not only a fantastic compilation of water-based stories, but also a great resource on their context, with striking accompanying illustrations.

‘Where Are the Women?’ by Sarah Sheridan – A compelling experiment in how we see the world around us, Sara Sheridan sets out Scotland’s landmarks and memorials as if they commemorated the achievements of women. New life is imbued into relics traditionally associated with men, it’s exhilarating seeing a parallel country where history has been fairer to those who helped make it.

‘The History Behind Game of Thrones’ by David C. Weinczock – An expansive history from someone clearly tuned into the place stories have in our culture, Weinczock does more than pinpoint the comparisons between Westeros and Scotland – he lays out how this country’s history is plotted just like a story, with meanings and themes readily available to writers looking for inspiration.

‘Bagpipes, Beasties and Bogles’ by Tim Archbold – A winning children’s tale telling the unofficial history of bagpipes with a brilliant sense of mischief. Tim Archbold’s off-kilter humour shines through, and the frantic sketches and watercolour colouring make a bedtime story that’s guaranteed to be opened night after night.

‘This is Edinburgh’ by Miroslav Šašek – 60 years (!) since its publication, internationally acclaimed Czech children’s author Miroslav Šašek’s guide to the capital is now a charming time-capsule. Part of a globe-trotting, metropolitan series, his gorgeous, delicate illustrations have a hand-crafted vibe, making this book a window to Edinburgh as it once was.

If you want to know more about Book Week Scotland and the Scottish Book Trust’s programme, check out their website,