Puppet State, Theatre of Widdershins and PuppetSoup Dogs

#WTFringe: Puppet Dogs battle to steal the show, a visit from Welsh TV and inter-species affairs…

DogsThree dogs mean furrowed fur aplenty as the trio battle for scratches behind the ears amongst enchanted visitors.

Dog from The Man Who Planted Trees is definitely the mouthiest by far, always ready with a wise crack until you distract him with a stick…

The Land of the Dragon have a hyperactive scruffy pal Gelert, who can’t stop giving good luck licks and woofs with all the excitement… in fact you may want to steer clear of his hind leg rising…

Then there’s Poj from The Magic Porridge Pot. The largest puppet canine is so confused by the whole situation from behind his porridge bowl that he thinks he’d rather be a cat… or maybe a bird and fly away with his oversized ears…

Come meet these enchanting creatures and decide which one is your favourite… if you can!

Meanwhile, Welsh TV S4C popped in to film some of the striking puppetry visuals in The Land of the Dragon by PuppetSoup, enchanted by the creations of the White Serpent, Ceridwen and of course, the dragons.

More akin to Warhorse than Punch & Judy, PuppetSoup’s unique bilingual piece of theatre will enchant, delight and entertain all who watch it,Larry the Flirt as well as meeting the puppet creations after the show… you may also be “baaaaaaaa”-ing for the rest of the day too…

Meanwhile, the very BUSY Larry from The Secret Life of Suitcases got distracted post show at the weekend when he saw the Storytelling Centre General Manager Ásta Ásbjörnsdóttir in the Storytelling Café… the pair locked eyes across the crowded room and have been seen cosying up around the Royal Mile since, with talks of picnics and beach walks once the BUSY of the Fringe subsides…

What else is happening?

Fiona Herbert has been getting giggles with her storytelling comedy Frequently Asked Questions about modern living and being accident prone… a particular highlight involves an incident when pony trekking when woman and beast were not in sync… Fiona has also been entertaining picky children who don’t want to be talked down to but use their own craniums of imagination to get Eejits and Hissy Fitslost in the true magic of storytelling told eye to eye, mind to mind and heart to heart in Eejits and Hissy Fits:

We had the backlash against the Disneyfied, fairy tale stereotypes of women and girls many years ago and rightly so. Stories such as ‘The Paperbag Princess’ were brilliant tales to tell our young, but the boys were always the fools in them.

“In my tales, boys and girls, women and men can be eejits and have hissy fits, but they can also be clever, brave and kind. These are tales where the characters are simply human, and that’s complicated!

The Loud Poets have been… well… loud with their #LoudCrowd growing nightly and audiences exclaiming they are having a whale of a time with the various spoken word styles paired with the live band for an invigorating night of words that will make you laugh and ponder in equal measure. They’ve had a few sell out performances already and the atmosphere created is exactly what the Fringe is all about so get involved and enjoy spoken word.

But their loudness is challenged by James Sutherland as Wojtek the Bear, described by The List magazine in their 4 star review as “skilfully capturing the various aspects of the bear’s anthropomorphism, shifting from childlike glee to uncanny sagacity with ease.” Pauline McLean – BBC Scotland’s Art Correspondent found it “magnificent and moving.”

Brave and FreeEverything Else

Brave and Free

Get lost in the magic of live storytelling with Calum Lykan’s rich repertoire of Edinburgh’s streets, wynds and characters as well as Scotland’s myths and sagas. Requests for tales you love are welcome!

Pirates and Mermaids

Let Cameron take you on a journey across the Atlantic and back again in this one-man show as he is wrestles with one of life’s big questions, aided only by his mobile phone, a bottle of whisky, some sweets and an old storybook. You’ll need your mobile phone too in this interactive gem that will tug at your heartstrings and definitely leave a big smile on your face.

Café Voices

Dave Francis is here on Thu 13 Aug as host who’ll treat guests to tales and tunes aplenty, plus he’ll be keen for the audience to get involved too with an open floor section, so if you fancy reciting a tale, sharing a tune, or presenting some prose, we’re all ears…

Second session for Fringe frolics will be Thu 27 Aug with Ian Stephen who is also appearing at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Morgana Le FeyMorgana Le Fey

This two-hander by Xanthe Gresham Knight and musician Nick Hennessey explores the myths and legends of the multi-tasking Morgana who features in the famous Arthurian tales.  Brought to life with music, games, and storytelling, often with humour uppermost, it places thoroughly modern Morgana centre stage at last to play by her own rules and wreak general havoc from the shadows.

Cranston Fiddle

This poignant drama of a family torn apart by the Great War is evocatively shared with the aid of slide show, musical narrative and the surviving family instrument.