A Quick Q&A of FAQs with Fiona Herbert

As Fiona gets ready to preview her comedy storytelling showcase, Frequently Asked Questions this evening, we grabbed her for a quick five minutes to gage her show.

Frequently Asked Questions is Fiona’s stand up storytelling show where she attempts to answer questions life has made her ask herself, delivered with deadpan humour and a wary eye… expect everything a true comedian needs – candour, unapologetic honesty, self-assuredness and an outright refusal to pander.

  • When did you last have a laughing fit, and why?
    I tend to smirk inwardly rather than laugh – the last real laughing fit I had was about a week ago when I witnessed a young drunkard trying to impress the world by kicking a can in front of a bus. His shoe came off in the process, and the driver did a superb job in swerving to run it over.
  • Who is the current person you despise the most, and why? 
    Tony Blair. No explanation required if you have been sentient at any time since 2003. 
  • What is the worst job you’ve done?
    Tour bus guide. I had a driver who’d been in the job too long. As a result, whenever we got to an area crammed with stories for me to tell, he would accelerate.
  • Where would you most like to be right now?
    I’ve always wanted to hug a sloth. So yes, doing that in Costa Rica. Though I suspect with my luck it would end in serious injury…
  • Why should people pick your stand up storytelling over countless other performances to see at the EdFringe 2015?
    My bike got nicked last week, and Harvey Keitel didn’t fix it with the insurance, like he promises… I’m owed.

Frequently Asked Questions
Thu 6 (Preview), Fri 7 – Sun 30 Aug (not 8, 10, 17, 24), 8pm (1hr)

Having watched her own face crying whilst being dumped on Skype, Fiona realised that throughout her life she has wasted time on the wrong type of people, the wrong type of work and the wrong type of play. Attempts at serenity have always ended in tears, and once with snorkel vomit and a dolphin induced hairline fracture…

On an even more sombre note, Fiona also shares the heartbreak of losing her best friend. To yoga. And her best bra. To pony trekking.

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