Organisers of Ayrshire’s Music at Craigie Folk Club attend Queen’s Garden Party at The Palace of Holyrood

Dave and Lorna Dewar, the two organisers of Ayrshire’s Music at Craigie Folk Club, were astonished to receive an invitation to the recent Queen’s Garden Party at the Palace of Holyrood. The invite was in recognition of their promotion of Scottish culture in Ayrshire through music and drama. As well as the folk club, they also organise a theatre group which specialises in Scottish historical drama. Dave and Lorna tell of the day. 

“The event took place in early July and fortunately the weather was good. The gardens of the palace and the backdrop of Arthur’s seat made the location superb. The food was lovely, with soft drinks, tea but strangely no coffee – only iced coffee. The two brass bands were excellent. The royals who attended were the Queen, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew and the Princess Anne. Certain persons were selected from the crowd to meet a royal. We were not such persons, which saved Lorna from having to curtsey!  

The day was an interesting experience at a very well organised event.”