Button Boxes & Moothies Festival – call for stewards

The Free Reed Convention – Button Boxes and Moothies – is being held in Aberdeen from 6-8 November 2015.
Friday is a study day being sponsored by the British Forum for Ethnomusicology. The rest of the weekend takes the form of a festival featuring outstanding artists from Ireland, England, and Scotland, with workshops (featuring particular free reed instruments, as well as mixed instruments, at different levels), sessions and Meet the Artist interviews. It is a unique event and a melting pot for the free reed community.
The festival is now looking for volunteer stewards to help with the smooth-running of the event in exchange for complimentary tickets, as appropriate. If you are interested in become a steward (even if you have already mentioned this to me), please contact either myself of Ian Russell giving an indication of your availability on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the festival