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Growing up on a diet of Greek fables and tales of mayhem and monsters helped Ron develop his own style of storytelling, physically expressing the characters in the tales. Ron has a warm, engaging rapport with listeners, and is a skilful weaver of tales. He also likes to sing and tell animal/farmyard and Scottish/traditional stories, alongside blethers from all over the globe and beyond.

He especially likes to tell humorous tales for children. When Ron was a young boy his father, a musician, would thrust him up onto the stage to sing at Butlins holiday camps, and Ron has loved singing ever since. Years later, listening to his grandfather recite tales of the bothies of Angus and his mother tell stories of the Dundee mills, an appreciation of storytelling blossomed.

Since the turn of the millennium, Ron has told stories professionally in more formal surroundings. His own personal journey has been wide and varied, from deep-sea fisherman in the North Sea, to Chef on the island of Crete, to rock and pop promoter in the Balearics right up to present day here in Scotland where he now lives and works. Ron has drawn on his many life experiences to become the storyteller he is today.

Macastory for several years now, Ron has achieved remarkable success writing and performing stories, songs and poems on various themes explored with fellow storyteller Fergus McNicol. Together, as Macastory, they’ve performed their themed shows with a mixture of madness, mayhem and great humour across Scotland, achieving rapturous plaudits in schools, libraries, theatres and festivals. 2014 marked the tenth successive year that they’ve been invited to perform at The Edinburgh International Book Festival. Macastory have also worked with The National Portrait Gallery, The National Museum of Scotland, Scottish Ballet, Traquair House and of course, the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

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