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Ken Shapley


Ken Shapley

A guided walk through the bluebelled Roslyn Glen

Roslyn is famous for its chapel and rightly so it is a wonder to behold. Yet of all the hundreds of thousands that journey there relatively few go to explore the wonders of the glen below. Right now the bluebells are out and the Glen is at its best. There is something at work in this place, its not just the sheer high cliffs, the babbling brooks, the powrful river, the waterfalls, the ancient yews, giant chestnuts and mysterious cave. There is a magic here. Enough said.

The practicalities.

Storyteller Ken Shapely has been coming here for over twelve years now in every season: the paths do get very muddy if it has rained a lot the previous days, so choosing your day to go is a must. Upcoming dates:

11.30 Wednesday 14th May

Meet at Scottish Storytelling Centre then we take the 37 to Loanhead, a two hour walk in the Glen with the option of touring the chapel after, then bus 15 back to town.

Wear trainers or boots that can get muddy. This walk does have steep descents, thin rocky ledges and fallen trees to climb over so you do need to be in reasonable good shape for this adventure. Bring some sandwiches, water and a suggested £15 donation for your guide. Buss fair will be £3 or £3,50 for a day saver. Admission to the Chapel is £9 (7)


Guide Ken Shapley is open to receiving calls to go at other times of the year, ideally with a minimum of five in your party. Call 07825586012 to make arrangements.

Roslyn Glen is the hidden jewel of East Lothian, just a 30 minute bus ride away.